Monthly Archives: September 2016

Trying to get myself to do ANYTHING


Writing what?

I make lists of things to do so that I don’t continually find myself in this predicament with nothing to do or no desire to do it. But I find myself with no desire to do anything all the time and then what I want to do most is just sit here. I think about building my hamster a new tunnel system so she has a nice house in there and feels safe. But getting the motivation to do it? I guess I don’t want to do it that bad.

It’s a really good feeling to have a desire to do something. And then to start doing it. I have no such desire to do anything. Inspiration is a great feeling. Maybe I’ll just go shower. Then maybe I’ll look up something cool to make or do. Maybe. Showering sounds good though. I’ve been feeling super creative and wanting to make stuff.