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Venting about my terrible diet lately…

So I noticed my skin looks like crap today. And I’m thinking of what I ate today, realizing I ate Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, then truffle fries and soda for lunch… and… that’s it. Oh, and candy and milk later on… Jeeze… that’s awful. I need to eat better… That’s all I ate all day?? Ugh. And I’m starving rn, but it’s also almost 1am and the kitchen is right next to my roommates room, and I don’t want to wake anyone with my food gathering. I definitely can’t cook anything, and I don’t think I have anything that I can grab fast. Ugh. Note to self, buy healthy grab-snacks. Like, broccoli and ranch? Or, cucumber and salt? Idk. Something. Oh, apple, banana… fruit to grab… that would be good. Grapes, yummm…. This is not helping my hunger right now… although it is helping my grocery list later… Wish I got that salad bag yesterday! Okay, must be mindful of how healthy I am eating… at my internship next year, I won’t be able to buy food there anymore like I did this year. I will have to plan ahead!